Past Officials

Central Executive Board of FIPNA (2013-2015):

S.No. Title/Position Name Photograph
1. President Mr. Luisang Waiba Tamang 001-president-mr-luisang-waiba-tamang
2. 1st Vice President Mr. Mani Bangdel 002-1st-vp-mr-mani-bangdel
3. 2nd Vice President Mr. Samir Maharjan 003-2nd-vp-mr-samir-maharjan
4. General Secretary Mr. Man Bahadur Ranamagar 004-general-secretary-man-b-ranamagar
5. Treasurer Mr. Tenzing Ukyab 005-treasurer-tenzing-ukyab
6. Joint Secretary Ms. Manita Gurung 006-joint-secretary-manita-gurung
7. Board Member Mr. Bijaya Maharjan 007-board-member-bijaya-maharjan
8. Board Member Mr. Gyalpo Hyolmo 008-board-member-gyalpo-hyolmo
9. Board Member Mr. Raju Lama 009-board-member-raju-lama
10. Board Member Ms. Bharati Rai 010-board-member-bharati-rai
11. Board Member Ms. Sashikala Lama 011-board-member-sashikala-lama
12. Board Member Mr. Vayo Kanchha Sherpa 012-board-member-vayo-kanchha-sherpa
13. Board Member Ms. Chhiring Tsomu 013-board-member-chhiring-tsomu

Advisory Board of FIPNA:

S.No. Title/Position Name Photograph
14. Legal Advisor Mr. Ramesh K. Shrestha 010-legal-advisor-ramesh-k-shrestha
15. Advisor / Immediate Past President Mr. Shiva K. Rai 011-advisor-shiva-k-rai
16. Advisor Mr. Bansalal Moktan 012-advisor-bansalal-moktan
17. Advisor Mr. Sonam Lama 013-advisor-sonam-lama
18. Advisor Mr. Pradip Thapa Magar 014-advisor-pradip-thapa

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