Current Officials

Central Executive Board of FIPNA (2015-2017)

S.No. Title/Position Name Photograph
01. President Mr. Luisang Waiba Tamang 000-Luisang-Waiba
02. 1st Vice President Mr. Mani Bangdel 001-Mani-Bangdel
03. 2nd Vice President Mr. Mangal Das Shrestha 002-Mangal-Das-Shrestha
04. General Secretary Mr. Prem Gurung 003-Prem-Gurung
05. Treasurer Mr. Raj Kumar Bista 004-Rajkumar-Bista
06. Joint Secretary Mr. Vijay Man Singh 005-Bijay-Man-Singh
07. Joint Treasurer Mr. Kul Bahadur Ranamgar 005-Kul-B-Ranamagar
08. Board Member Mr. Ram Kumar Rai 006-Ram-Kumar-Rai
09. Board Member Ms. Bijeta Limbu Bijeta Limbu
10. Board Member Ms. Binita Tamang Binita_Tamang
11. Board Member Ms. Nangsang Sherpa Nangsang_Sherpa

Advisory Board of FIPNA:

S.No. Title/Position Name Photograph
1. Advisor Mr. Samir Maharjan Samir_Maharjan
2. Advisor Mr. Arjun Gurung Arjun_Gurung
3. Advisor Mr. Bharat Moktan Tamang Bharat_Moktan_Tamang
4. Advisor Mr. Tsepak D. Gurung Tsepak_D_Gurung
5. Advisor Mr. Dipesh Limbu Dipesh_Limbu
6. Advisor Mr. Man Bahadur Rana Magar Man_Bahadur_Rana_Magar
7. Advisor Mr. Nima Sherpa Nima_Sherpa

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