About Fipna

Federation of Indigenous People in America (FIPNA) was established in 2005 in the city of New York by Janajatis of Nepal living in America. The main goal of FIPNA is to preserve the indigenous culture, language, religion, dress and heritage here in America and in Nepal.

In the context of changing political landscape in Nepal FIPNA is vigorously working to secure the rights of Indigenous People living in Nepal as stipulated in the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples – 2007 and ILO 169 which is ratified by the Government of Nepal.
Nepal is a land of indigenous people and FIPNA believes that these people must have a fair access to all the opportunities and equal rights to all the resources available.

FIPNA would always fight for the welfare of indigenous people of Nepal. FIPNA would welcome help from all corners in this endeavor. FIPNA would extend its support to all organizations or coalition of organiztions or individuals that believes and works for the benefit of indigenous peoples and preservation of their rights.

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